David Ricardo Inc. decided to consolidate all the brands that it distributes under one sales channel to offer a better experience to customers and wholesalers.

By creating a product category online, consumers can easily learn all the unique features of the product and its value. Now customers can engage with our large product assortment anytime via phone, tablet, and desktop without any barriers because shopricardo.com can be accessed worldwide.

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David Ricard Inc. Insight

David Ricardo Inc is the leading investment company in e-commerce products and services development. The team has worked on over 800 different projects and developments. They have over five exclusive distribution contracts for branded products worldwide. Having direct connection to the largest non-hispanic and Spanish market in Los Angeles allows David Ricardo Inc. to continue growth.

You might see some text in Spanish and various symbols for shipping. This is because David Ricardo Inc has a large sales rep selling directly to the Latino market in Los Angeles. The Latino community depends on a person to person sales channel and now they can access our catalog via shopricardo.com which helps our sales reps.


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