Mint flavor tea sticks - Story

Is it easier to wake up before the sunrises to a toddler’s version of “baby shark,” or spend the last two exhausting hours of the evening patiently (for the most part) convincing your kids to go to bed?  The best part of our Mint flavor tea sticks is that as a busy mother, you can enjoy them during any part of your day. They are naturally caffeine free and even more naturally delicious, if you are looking for a way to feel refreshed during the day (or night).  

We have had many busy moms tell us that our tea sticks make it convenient and stress-free to take a short break from the day, quickly prepare a drink and not have to worry about the small things like carrying around a spoon to stir their tea.  They have also suggested that the mint flavor has a special kick to it that makes it stand out from other brands, which is why we have chosen to add a touch of orange to the fresh peppermint in every stick.

Whether your day consists of board meetings, office work, carpooling the neighborhood, or juggling a little of each, Serengeti is here to help make you shine.  Check out our Mint Medley tea sticks and let us know what you think!