Is plastic dinnerware really safe?

I had never heard of melamine dinnerware until I was over at a friend’s house for dinner on Sunday night. Yes her cooking is extraordinary, but this time I was more impressed with her dinnerware. It was classy, beautiful, sturdy, and made of melamine! No need for breakable ceramic plates, her dishes would be so much easier to clean, and they made her food presentation just as spectacular as with any other porcelain or ceramic ware. She told me the cost of a set and I was sold!

What is melamine? It’s an organic based sturdy plastic. It’s pretty fire and heat resistant, unbreakable, still lightweight, BPA free, dishwasher safe and affordable! Since educating myself about it I have found really stylish and beautiful options to purchase. I used to be hesitant when it came to using any type of plastic in my kitchen, but this is definitely a great safe option!