Check Out the Craze: American Girl Lanie's Camping Trip Mega Constux Set

My 7 year old daughter loves American Girl.  The craze has recently begun, and exploded full force when we spent a Sunday afternoon at The Grove in Los Angeles, walking around the American Girl Store.  There are just so many choices: endless amounts of dolls, accessories, clothing, and jewelry. I think the both of us could have spent the entire day in there letting our imaginations get the best of us.


With so many options, she chose the Lanie doll.  Then we purchased the Mega Constux Lanie's Camping Trip set.  It has 190 pieces and my daughter has so much fun building it!  She can build it over and over again and spends hours playing with the accessories and activity book inside.   I'm thankful that she can combine engineering and building skills with being able to follow directions and use her imagination.  It's definitely become a favorite toy in our home.  


If you're looking for not just another toy in your home but something creative that will be played with for a long time, I highly recommend this product.